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News Guangdong

Xinjiang youngster who loves Vitasoy participates in vocational competition

17-year-old Abritip Ablet from Xinjiang participated in the first Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China held in Guangzhou between December 10th and 12th.

Singapore & GD to explore more new areas of cooperation: LOH Tuck Keat

Returning to Guangdong after 5 years, what shocked LOH Tuck Keat was not only the skyscrapers and convenient transportation, but also the innovations of mobile payment and e-commerce in daily life.

Construction of Guangzhou Metro Line 24 to start in 2021

With a total length of 31.6 kilometers, Guangzhou Metro Line 24, a detached line project of the northern extension of Line 8, is an all-underground line with 18 stations, including 10 interchange stations.

15th Youth Theatre Festival concludes in Guangzhou

The 15th Youth Theatre Festival was concluded at the No. 13 Theatre of the Guangzhou Drama Art Center on December 13th.

26 GD countryside sites listed as demonstration zones for rural revitalization

The products and industries mainly include fruits, vegetables, tea leaves, poultry, flowers, plants, and aquatic Products.

Guangdong to meet a wet raw week

Compared with several temperature drops before, however, this cold air has brought a wet raw weather to Guangdong, which was dubbed by Cantonese as "magic attack" of Southern China.
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